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Your geriatric care manager is standing by, to help you manage problems in real-time, connect you with fantastic resources locally, and determine solutions you are struggling with; helping you to be the best caregiver possible.

Options and Pricing:

15 minute call: FREE
45 minute call : $150

MEAH Members Caregiver Coaching

Your geriatric care manager is standing by to dive deep into a customized plan that addresses current and future caregiving needs. This is a great service for situations you know will need more than just one helpful phone consult.

Options and Pricing

1 time Aging or Care Plan $499
2 months $1099 or $555 monthly
3 months $1295 or $435 monthly
Annual $5000 or $420 monthly

Monthly/Year Inclusions

Aging or Care Plan
Weekly Calls or Zoom
2 On-Demand Support Calls Per Month

Caregiver Secrets Master Course

This 6 module comprehensive course will prepare you for caring for your loved one. Topics include: Advocacy, Planning for the future, preparing for tough conversations, professionals that can help you and more.

We’re With You Every Step of The Way

It doesn’t have to be so scary. Your loved one is getting older and requiring more help with everyday life. Don’t go this alone! We are here to help. Our job is to ease the burden, help you navigate the unknowns, and guide the decisions that feel overwhelming.

Understanding Our Services

MEAH Health Navigation

MEAH Health Navigation was born of the personal frustrations that both founders experienced when caring for loved ones who couldn’t care for themselves. The adage that life can change at the drop of a hat doesn’t just apply to sudden loss or even tragedy. When the people we love suffer, be it temporarily due to a fall, or long-term because of illness, we are thrust into an unfamiliar world. Suddenly our responsibilities triple and fall into areas that we may not have any experience with.

Simply put, we are here to help you navigate the twists and turns. To be an advocate, to help educate, to recommend professionals you can trust, and even to fill out the complicated forms or take your loved one to an appointment.  

About MEAH Health

We help families live their best lives by keeping our clients at home safely and with dignity by linking together their whole health story.

Our work with coordinating physician care will ease the burden of needing to leave work to attend physician appointments, as well as bring a clearer understanding of your loved one’s health and the plan going forward. We are passionate about helping people living their best life through managing, advocating and educating for health.

Care Management Services

A care plan is a personalized plan for how to handle common situations that arise with aging and/or chronic disease and injury. Care plans are very individualized and may include information about advance directives, the signs and symptoms to initiate a change in the level of care required for a loved one and may include financial and legal needs. A care plan helps keep everyone “on the same page”.

  • Coordination Of Physicians Appointments
  • Filing For Medication Assistance Programs
  • Comprehensive Communications With Family.

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Our mother lives several hours from us and although 90, is fairly independent. Having MEAH as part of her support team has allowed her to stay in her home and in the place where she has friends. MEAH gives mom and us peace of mind! MEAH Health helped make scheduling appointments and coordinating home care so much easier for my family.

*Names are not disclosed to ensure patient privacy.

MEAH Health helped make scheduling appointments and coordinating home care so much easier for my family.

*Names are not disclosed to ensure patient privacy.

Ready to work with us?

Care Managers are experts in helping clients age safely in the most optimized environment for success. Because we are looking at the situation with an objective eye without the emotional connections families feel, we can help guide families to the resources most appropriate to meet their needs.